We Help Small Businesses Grow

ITO Software Solutions helps small business grow by giving them the best integrated software technology and the best professional services all through one powerful platform. ITO has everything a small business needs to grow from design, to hosting, to marketing, CRM, LMS, Pension Reporting capabilities, and payments. You will get a powerful platform customized to your needs and the unlimited support of the professional behind ITO Software Solutions.

Let your business flourish and get high quality leads and increase your profitability with our integrated software solutions.

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Is Your Software Complicating Your Business Process?

You want to provide something of value to your customers. You want to be able to track sales, marketing and customer relationships, as well as stay competitive with your competitors in the online world. But can you do it all on one platform? Does it integrate seamlessly with your website? Get our software that simply lets you run your business how you want to run it. 

Uncomplicated and Customizable

With an unlimited amount of features that can be added and integrated with a single platform, nothing is impossible with ITO's Software Solutions. We want our software to work for you, not the other way around. 

Unlimited Support

While it may be easy to use, we are always ready and happy to answer any questions you may have so you can make sure everything gets done at the highest standard.

Performance That Scales

Save yourself time, not focusing on tedius software and their tedius process, but focusing on the bigger picture of growing your business. ITO's software will support you so that your results get better and better over time.

LMS Learning Management Software

ITO Provides Software That Grows with You

In business since the late 90's ITO (stands for IT Outsourcing) has been providing consulting services on all thing’s internet, desktop, server, hosting, mobile apps related to companies throughout the world. From its humble beginnings training farmers how to computerize their accounting to building enterprise pension reporting systems. We have been building applications to help grow businesses for over 20 years. From small companies, unions, to not-for-profits, government agencies, enterprises (and everything in between) we offer an umbrella of software solutions including websites and ongoing support.

No project too small, or too large, if you have the vision - we have the solution. If you don't have the vision, well, we have that too.

Satisfied Customers

Regardless of size or complexity, wherever you have the most a need, we have software to make your life easier.

Integrated Products

Modern software that integrates, shares and talks with one another. Our suite is built from the ground up. Everything works in harmony to provide seamless integration.

Custom Programming

Many, if not every implementation we do is unique. You do things the way you do because that's how you do things. Why change? We adapt our software for your best practices.

Full Support

On site, over the phone, text and email. We support for life. We see our software as a service, whatever you need and however you want it. We support it and you.

Custom Website

Websites and web-portals should serve your members, future members, customers, partners, stakeholders and families with ease and style. Our software makes this a reality.

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Bruce McCulloch, MCC Energy Strategies Inc. Testimonial for ITO Solutions

I was very pleased with the service of Think Training. They provided excellent guidance and insight into modern marketing techniques and the result was the creation of a new, modern looking and functioning web-site. I also appreciate the ongoing support from the Think Training team.

Bruce McCulloch, P.Eng. MBA CMVP | LEED Green Associate MCC Energy Strategies Inc.
Chris Guildford, Barter Atlantic

Our old website was terrible. It didn't work on mobile, and I don't think it ever generated a lead for our sales team. ITO Software Solutions built a new site from the ground up, and we're extremely happy with it. We're seeing new leads on a daily basis, making the new site one great investment.

Chris Guildford Happy Client
Tanner Gayton, Links at Penn Hills

ITO Software Solutions did a great job on our website. We regularly update our page layouts and content to improve conversions, and they're always quick to implement changes we request.

Tanner Gayton Happy Client
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We Develop Flexible Solutions That Will Save You Money and Time.

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